Jim Hartung

For over 80 years, systems engineering has helped America
lead in science, technology, industry, and business.

Now, systems engineering can help us address our most difficult
social, economic, envronmental, and political problems.


Jim Hartung

Jim Hartung has nearly 40 years experience as a systems engineer, manager, and executive in the aerospace and energy industries—primarily at Boeing, United Technologies, and Rockwell International. As a result, he understands how all these companies use systems engineering to develop complex products and systems.

Based on this experience, Jim developed and pioneered the idea that systems engineering can be used to optimize social, economic, and political systems as well as physical products and systems. Jim wrote the book Rational Tax Reform, which illustrates how the systems engineering process can be used to address societal problems, using tax reform as an example. He also wrote the booklet Beyond Partisan Politics, developed the video Systems Engineering for a Better America, and prepared this website to describe how systems engineering can be used to address societal problems.

Jim received a BS in Physics from the University of Minnesota and an MS in Engineering Management from UCLA. For four years, he served as an Engineering Officer in the U.S. Navy, working for Admiral Rickover on the design and operational support of nuclear power plants for submarines and aircraft carriers.

During his career, Jim worked on or led systems engineering for a wide range of projects. As Director, Systems Engineering and Integration for the International Space Station electric power system, he participated in one of the most complex and successful systems engineering activities ever undertaken. As Director, Energy Systems for Rocketdyne, he led development of advanced energy systems and technologies. 

The picture below shows some of the systems, programs, and technologies Jim worked on during his career.