Jim Hartung

For over 80 years, systems engineering has helped America
lead in science, technology, industry, and business.

Now, systems engineering can help us address our most difficult
social, economic, envronmental, and political problems.



I am available to (1) appear on your podcast or program, (2) write an article for your blog or publication, or (3) provide background information to assist you in developing your ideas.

I am especially interested in helping you if you want to develop a documentary or write a book or article on a subject addressed in this website

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Following is a list of questions I can address in an interview or in an article.

Background: Why did you become an author and political reform advocate?

Coronavirus: How would a systems engineer respond to the coronavirus pandemic

Racial injustice: How would a systems engineer respond to the George Floyd killing?

Systems engineering: What is systems engineering (SE)?
- Is SE used on any highly political programs?

Political reform: Why is Congress so ineffective today?
- How can SE transform Congress into a much more effective organization?

Tax reform: Why did you write the book Rational Tax Reform?
- What are the key features of your proposed tax reform?
- Why is your proposed tax reform better than the current tax code?
- Why is it better than other tax reform proposals in the past 30 years?

Healthcare: How would a systems engineer improve the healthcare system?

National debt: How would a systems engineer balance the federal budget?

Climate change: How would a systems engineer address climate change?

Economic inequality: How would a system engineer address economic inequality?

Quality of life: How can I use SE to achieve my goals and improve my life?

Education: Why should educators teach the SE process?