Jim Hartung

For over 80 years, systems engineering has helped America
lead in science, technology, industry, and business.

Now, systems engineering can help us address our most difficult
social, economic, envronmental, and political problems.



I am available to speak to your group or at your event. I am especially happy to speak to lawmakers, politicians, policymakers, public policy organizations, educators and universities, civic and political organizations, business and philanthropic leaders, book clubs, and the media. I will tailor my talk to meet your group's needs. If desired, I will keep my talk short so most of the time is available for discussion. Subjects I can discuss are:

1. How Congress can use systems engineering (SE) to become a much more effective organization and address America’s most serious problems

2. How lawmakers and policymakers at all levels of government can use SE to bridge the partisan divide and address their most serious problems

3. How would a systems engineer respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and the George Floyd killing

4. Tax reform: using SE to fix America’s broken tax system (and address many social, economic, environmental, and political problems)

5. Medicare Choice: using SE to develop a nonpartisan solution for universal healthcare

6. Carbon Dividends: using SE to develop a nonpartisan solution for climate change

7. How you (and public policy organizations) can use SE to address difficult societal problems

8. How you can use SE to help you achieve your goals and live a happier and more fulfilling life

9. Workshop: using SE to develop a solution to a problem of your choice

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